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How Courses Run

When you receive your learning material, you’ll have the opportunity to work on it when it’s the best time for you.

If you need any questions answered, please email [email protected].

Instructions for the exams are as follows:

When you have finished studying approximately half of the chapters in your learning manual , you will be ready for the mid-term exam.
You then e-mail us at least a day before to let us know when you’ll be ready to receive it.
You will get 2 1/2hrs.maximum (if you run a little over it’ll be accepted).
The final exam for last part of the manual will run the same as above instructions.
The exams are not tricky, they’re general questions, which are usually finished before the scheduled time..
The results will be sent back within 24 hrs. with corrections (if any).

From start to finish for your course is 13 weeks. If you should run over that time, you will be charged $ 50.00 to write each exam.