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“ We’ll Provide You with the Skills To Progress”

To qualify for our courses you’ll need to have the following:

 You must have a minimum education of grade 12, be a person with skills in organizing, communication,  working with figures  reading and writing (for keeping records, and making-up reports)

  • For the past experience (12 years in several community colleges, and 4 years on the distance learning program) these are mainly the types of people who’ve taken our courses.

  • People in the industry who want to up-grade their skills.

  • Construction people who are on insurance benefits due to an injury. etc.

  • New Canadians who have had previous skills in the construction industry, wanting  to get acquainted with our methods here.

  • Professional people such as engineers, architects, designers who are mainly recent graduates, and want to learn more about the methods that they will be dealing with in the construction industry.

  • Insurance people who will be dealing with rebuilding damaged buildings.
  • People who want to make a career change and are skilled in many of the aspects required in construction. Such as dealing with figures, and keeping records, etc.

  • People who have small construction business, and want to enlarge their business.