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Email: [email protected]

The cost of the courses when there is more than one registration at a time coming from the same business is as follows:

This applies for all courses listed on our web site www.constructioncourses.ca)

1 registration per course         $300.00

2 to 5 cost per course               $240.00

6 to or more per course            $200.00

You will be invoiced  - payment due in 30 days

What the student will receive for this cost is as follows:

All learning material plus a cd of a highly qualified person talking about their work ethics in their field of employment, which would be the course the student is enrolled in.  

A letter of Itroduction with instructions as to how exams will be conducted, i.e.

E-mail when you are ready to take the mid-term (the chapters to complete will be mentioned)

Exam will be e-mailed out and must be returned within the time allotted i.e.2-3 hrs.

Any corrections found will be e-mailed back within 2 days along with marks.

When student has finished the last part of their manual, the same procedure with the final exam will be carried-out.

Upon the completion of their course a letter will be sent out with their marks.

To receive a certificate in Estimating the student must have successful completed all 3 levels.

All other courses the student will upon successfully completing the course will receive a letter of recommendation plus a certificate.

If the student should have any difficulty understanding and part of the course material, they would e-mail us, fax (or phone) to request our help (all details will be listed in introduction letter).


For inquiries:

Email: [email protected]