Construction Site Superintendent

Site Superintendent

This course is intended for anyone interested in running a construction project on-site. Attention will focus on the role of a superintendent, motivation, dealing with architects, sub-trades, team management, job meetings, site planning, settling disputes on site, purchasing and rentals, safety methods on site, monitoring cost controls, and the hiring and lay-off of staff.

Successful completion of this course will enable the student to:

1. Know their position on a construction team
2. Perform the essential tasks of a construction superintendent
3. Set up site administration and documentation
4. Relate to and motivate labourers and site personnel
5. Set up safety guidelines and on-site project controls
6. Set up a field office
7. Purchase materials for a project
8. Discuss layout with surveyor team
9. Work with sub-trades
10. Investigate and report site incidents
11. Plan a project schedule
12. Discuss use of equipment on site and site supervision
13. Solve problems during interior work
14. Communicate on-site and work with suppliers
15. Acquire fundamental knowledge of the
16 Divisions found in the CSC/CSI Master Format Construction Specifications Canada