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Demolition & Hazardous Materials 360 Pages

The Book Covers the following items:


  • Required Permits (City or Government)
  • Project Lay-out (fencing & site office)
  • Types of Demolition
  • Equipment needed for the different types
  • Team required for the different types
  • Plans & specifications required
  • Materials that can be recycled and sold
  • Utilities that need to be shut-off
  • Roads that need to be closed off
  • Garbage disposal for special materials
  • Demolition methods

Hazardous Materials

  • Remove before demolition work – must be approved
  • City & Government permits
  • Methods and special clothing that must be followed
  • Special containers for disposal
  • Bonds, insurance, tendering, costs
  • First aid documentation
  • Scope of work required