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Home Additions and Renovations -  200 pages

This book was written for the sole purpose to make your project as modified as possible.

The author walks you through all the avenues and pitfalls that you may encounter.

In this way you will be prepared to take the project on yourself if you should so choose , or if you have someone assigned to do it.

You will be capable of knowing how it all works.

 In that way the contractor will realize that you have done your homework so-to-speak, and you’ll receive a much better job for  you’re investment.

These are some of the topics that the book covers as follows:

       How to go about the process of planning your project.


       Hiring an architect or designer

       Reading blue prints

       Laws to follow such as building codes



       How to budget the costing up to completing the project.

       And many more (total of 18 chapters of tips and guidelines)