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R. A. Bud Hawkins

Founder & President
R. A. (Bud)Hawkins

Construction Learning Skills was formed by Bud in 1995, and has been operating non-stop since then at several of the community colleges in his area.  He had taught there for 10 years, and found it to be very rewarding in many ways, especially from his student’s feed- back that he had received.

  Bud has been responsible for thousands of people who have progressed on to higher level positions through taking his courses.

  In 2003 Bud along with wife Rosemary, decided to take the courses on line to reach more people out there who wanted to learn more, and get a certificate for proof of their knowledge.

  He believes that to keep-up in to-days pace, one must always be ready to learn more, without any difficulty in obtaining the material to do so.

  It is for this reason he was inspired to keep writing several more books besides his learning manuals (go to Book Store link).

  Shown below, dated back to the early 1900’s are some of the pictures of the past that Bud holds dear in his heart.





 Pictures taken from 1924 to 1959.

R.A. Bud HawkinsR.A. Bud HawkinsR.A. Bud Hawkins

R.A. Bud HawkinsR.A. Bud HawkinsR.A. Bud HawkinsR.A. Bud HawkinsR.A. Bud HawkinsR.A. Bud Hawkins

Starting at upper left corner:

  • Bud's Father shown at the right in the picture working on top of Piggott's Bldg. in Hamilton(1928)
  • 2nd from upper left-Bud's dad in front row (4th from the left) the crew he worked with .
  • 3rd from upper left-Bud with his grandfather holding the reins of the large horses used for excavation(1937)

Starting at lower left corner:

  • Bud's dad and his dad holding Bud. great-grand father seated ( all working in construction 1931)
  • Bud at 18 yrs. in his working garb (apron to hold nails) (1949)
  • Bud's son Gary in his truck (1952)
  • Bud with wife Rose in front of the truck(1952)
  • Bud on one of his project's St. Raphel's church,New St. Burlington,Ontario with son Christopher(1958?
  • Bud with sons Gary, and Christopher on same project in Burlington (1959) Both Gary and Christopher are also in construction in Toronto Ont.